City of Livingston, Alabama


  Livingston is located in West Central Alabama between Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Meridian, Mississippi. Interstate Highway 59 and 20, U.S. Highway 11, and Alabama Highway 28 feeds travelers to and through Livingston.

The University of West Alabama is located just one block from downtown Livingston and offers unlimited educational opportunities as well as exciting collegiate sports.

With mild winter and moderate summers, Livingston's mean average temperature is 64.5 degrees. Annual rainfall is 55 inches and approximately 235 day growing season.

In 1972 Livingston was named a finalist in the All American Cities Competition, sponsored by The Saturday Evening Post.

This is a growing city--a city with a future.

With all its progress, however, Livingston has managed to retain much of the quality which drew the following comments in a Family Weekly article by Alistair Cooke, renowned for his writing and his television series, "Cooke's America," and the earlier "Omnibus":

"Livingston, Ala., was another jewel I well remember from an automobile trip in 1937. It was as far in time and character from Eureka, Nev., as Athens is from Las Vegas. Livingston in 1930's was a serene and beautiful small town where an Englishman to whom I was showing the county decided he would wish to live and die. (He didn't. He chose instead the exquisite colonial town of Newfane,VT...)

"Livingston had a charm and serenity that belied its violent past....It retained a character unlike that of any small town in Michigan or New York..."

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