Local Places of Interest

  Bored Well - Located on the Courthouse Square. This artisan well, begun in 1854 with an old grey blind mule pulling an auger around, was completed in 1857. A hand pump was added in 1904 and an electric pump in 1928. The present pavilion, replacing the Chinese pagoda which originally stood over the well, was completed in 1924. The well was known as a health spa. At one time the mineral water was bottled and shipped to various parts of the county.(Note-The pavilion, during repairs to the roof, collapsed. A new pavilion is now under construction.) 

City Hall - Built in the 1800's, Livingston's  City Hall was once used as a train depot for passenger and freight services.  Much of the original design was left intact during renovation and the building is still located 15 feet from the railroad tracks.   

 Civic Center - Completed in January, 1995, this new multi purpose building will seat 300. The building is located on the western shores of Lake LU and has a full kitchen and meeting rooms.

 Confederate Monument - Located on Highway 11 side of the Courthouse Square. Unveiled as a tribute to the area's Confederate soldiers on June 17, 1909.

 Courthouse - Located in the center of town. This is the third Sumter County Courthouse. The first was a log structure located about two blocks southwest of the present Courthouse Square. The second was constructed on the present site in 1839 an was destroyed by fire in 1901. The cornerstone of the present building was laid in 1902. The Courthouse is now listed in the National Register.

 Covered Bridge- Located on the University of West Alabama campus. This bridge first spanned the Sucarnoochee River in 1861. It was moved in 1924 to span the Alamuchee Creek. In 1969, it was moved to the University campus and renovated.

 Jaycee Neighborhood Park - Located in the northwest section of town off Hopkins Street. This recreational facility includes baseball and softball fields, picnic facilities, swimming pool, tennis courts, and playground equipment. A newly constructed ball field/concession stand w/ restrooms was completed in 2005. A summer recreation program takes place here, as well as at the other town parks.
Call 652-2350 for more information.

Lake LU - Located on The University of West Alabama Campus. This lake offers boating and fishing.

 The University of West Alabama- Located on Highway 11. This state university began in 1835, when about 70 citizens contributed to a fund for the construction of the school building. The school was incorporated as a female academy, Livingston Collegiate Institute, in 1840. In 1833, the State Legislature appropriated funds for a normal school for the training of teachers. The school became Alabama Normal School. The state assumed active control of the school in 1907. By 1929, it became the Livingston State Teachers College, and males were admitted. The name was again changed in 1959 to Livingston State College, in 1986 to Livingston University and finally to The University of West Alabama in 1995.

Myrtlewood Cemetery - Located off Church Street. The oldest Sumter County cemetery. Listing of all grave markers are available at this website.

Sucarnochee Folklife Festival - Art demonstrations, including pottery, metal works, quilting and more. Live music, storytelling, Walking Ghost tour, a c ornbread cook-off, and a Sucarnochee 5K run. Activities for the entire family.

 Ruby Pickens Tartt Public Library - Located on W. Monroe and South St - two blocks from the courthouse.